Geometric Window

Grand Estates Premium Plus / Impressions 9800                  

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  • Soft Coat Low-E Glass
  • Dual Pane 7/8 (or) 3/4 Glass Package
  • Impact/Hurricane (or) Non-Impact Options
  • Argon Gas
  • Solid Silicone Foam “Super Spacer” (or) Stainless Steel “Intercept Spacer”
  • Thick Multi-Chambered Premium Vinyl Frame in White or Tan
  • Fusion Welded Corners
  • Internal Grids in a Variety of Sizes (5/8″ or 1″), Styles (Colonial,
    Perimeter, Double Perimeter, Prairie, Double Prairie), Types (Flat, Sculptured)
    and Colors (White, Tan, Brass, Driftwood, Brick, Chocolate, Cream, Pine,
    Contemporary Oak, Antique Cherry, Maple)
  • Enhanced Cosmetic “Beveling” on Exterior Frame (or) Coved Cosmetic “Beveling”
    on Exterior Frame
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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